5 Ways Community Living Leads to a More Active Lifestyle

Jun 23, 2022

The key to a satisfying retirement is to strike a balance between relaxation, recreation, and healthy life choices.

“The senior who wants both ease and engagement can find this combination at an independent senior living community,” says Patty Duran, executive director of The Contemporary. “Time and time again, seniors discover that community life makes it simple, convenient and exciting to design the lifestyle they want.”

A senior living community could enhance your life with social opportunities, compelling amenities and activities, and access to health services.

Low-Maintenance Living

Many retirees lament the ongoing chores homeownership requires, all of which present an obstacle to what should be a new you-centered lifestyle. The services provided at an independent living community offer older adults the opportunity to pursue the activities they enjoy.

Services you can often expect at an independent living community are:

  • Home repair and maintenance
  • Daily trash removal
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Transportation services
  • Three meals per day

With a move to independent living, you will no longer have to worry about the burdens and costs of homeownership. Your central focus can be filling your time with activities that lift you up and support your well-being.

A Culture of Health and Wellness

Wellness and healthy aging is a focus in many independent senior living communities. Some communities like The Contemporary offer a comprehensive approach, addressing all eight dimensions of wellness. They work with residents to increase involvement in healthy activities and support them in making positive strides to improve overall well-being.

With this goal in mind, many independent senior living communities offer things like a personalized wellness plan, access to a 24-hour fitness center, scheduled aerobics classes, and a pool for aquatic exercise. Additionally, dining options will support your individual needs while offering you satisfying and healthy meals. Many communities also offer on-site care options.

The personal support offered at independent living communities can encourage a more active lifestyle, healthier choices, and a more proactive approach to wellness.

Access to Nature 

Spending time outdoors is linked to many mental and physical health benefits and can be especially good for seniors. Independent living communities often provide opportunities for residents to enjoy the fresh air, increase their Vitamin D, and experience a decrease in stress.

“At The Contemporary, residents can hike the outdoor walking path or soak up rays at the rooftop pool,” says Patty Duran. “They can socialize in the landscaped courtyard or attend our field trips to nearby botanical gardens and national parks.”

However you choose to spend your time outdoors, independent living can help you find consistent ways to access the life-giving elements of the natural world.

Exposure to Culture, Learning and Hobbies

Another way independent living can lead to a more active and engaged life is through the array of activities, events and classes that are commonly offered on site.

In many communities, you can expect the following amenities:

  • Arts and crafts suite
  • Library
  • Game Room
  • Theatre Room
  • Activity and entertainment areas

In some cases, communities will create partnerships with experts, educators and institutions outside the community to provide residents with unique lifelong learning opportunities. These experiences are often hosted by the community, but it’s also common for communities to visit cultural attractions in the city.

“The Contemporary is located in the Westchester neighborhood of Miami, Florida. This perfect location offers access to art museums, a seaquarium, and tours of Miami’s beautiful art deco architecture,” says Patty Duran.

Social Gatherings

We’re social beings, and maintaining good social connections is one of the most important aspects of continued health. In fact, researchers at BYU found strong relationships cut mortality in diseases such as cancer and heart disease by 50%. Whether you interact with friends, family or neighbors, it’s essential you stay socially active.

Independent living communities pave the way for increased socialization and friendship building. Every resident has the chance to get involved and strengthen connections with others through social events, volunteer opportunities, clubs and religious gatherings.

Welcome to the New Standard in Senior Living

The Contemporary is a rental community that offers independent living for engaged seniors. Our campus is located in the heart of Miami’s Westchester neighborhood, which adds a rich dynamic to our already vibrant community. Come visit to discover the active lifestyle that awaits you.