The Benefits of a Senior Living Community versus …

May 2, 2022

Senior living can elevate the quality of your life and help facilitate the kind of lifestyle you want to live. High-end amenities and top-of-the-line services await you when you choose to transition into independent living at a retirement community

“The modern senior demands more from a senior living community than is traditionally offered. They want convenience and a beautiful atmosphere. They want opportunities to connect, learn, engage, and experience all life has to offer. At The Contemporary, we provide this and more with our premium features in the heart of the Westchester neighborhood,” says Patty Duran, Executive Director of The Contemporary.

… Aging in Place

Choosing to stay in your home during retirement is called “aging in place.” It often requires an honest look at your health conditions and financial situation. In some cases, when older adults choose to age in place, they become dependent on their children or other family members to meet many of their social and physical needs. 

Before you commit to aging in place, consider the many ways you stand to benefit from life at a senior living community. 

Opportunities To Foster New Relationships

Retirement brings a lot of changes to your life. Professional engagement comes to an end, either gradually or immediately. Your once daily interaction with colleagues wanes. Making new friends and fostering relationships is suddenly not as effortless as it used to be. Relationships are a key ingredient to happiness, and it’s crucial that you find ways to stay connected to family and friends.

At an independent living community, gathering and connecting with others is part of the lifestyle. Along with access to communal gathering spaces like an arts and crafts suite or a bistro, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in scheduled activities, events, and celebrations with groups of people who will share your interests and expose you to theirs.

You can join a book club, try out an exercise class or new hobby, or enjoy the low-key pleasures of morning coffee with new friends. With senior living, you’ll have daily opportunities to connect with others around an activity you love.

Premium Services and Amenities Foster Greater Independence

While you may have an emotional attachment to your family home, the burdens of homeownership can pose an obstacle to the rewarding retirement life you deserve. Everyday chores like cleaning, cooking, regular maintenance, unexpected repairs – the list is never-ending. Though homeownership feels like independence, the responsibilities may actually hinder your daily freedom. 

Life-easing services are offered in many senior living communities like The Contemporary. And think of the exceptional amenities that no longer require a trip across town. 

  • Multiple dining venues
  • Arts and crafts suite
  • Full-service salon and spa
  • Health and wellness center
  • Fitness center

You can enjoy them on a whim, schedule a date at one with a friend, or create a morning routine that includes one of these life-enriching spaces.

And the best part? Monthly rent includes all upkeep and maintenance. With so much included, you might find that renting at an independent living community is not only a more fulfilling option than aging in place but a better value too. 

Top-of-the-Line Wellness Services

Something you’ll notice as you explore senior living is the trend toward comprehensive health and wellness. Most communities include a wellness center with regularly scheduled fitness and aerobic classes. It’s also common to find aquatic centers that facilitate low-impact cardiovascular exercise. 

You’ll also discover that some senior living communities offer easy access to a network of physicians and health care professionals for preventative care, acute health services, and treatment of chronic illnesses. 

One model for this sort of innovative senior care is found at The Contemporary.

“Across the breezeway, Medsquare Place houses medical offices where residents can receive care from a wide spectrum of specialists. Their medical teams treats the whole person – physically, mentally, and socially – empowering seniors to live healthier lives,” says Patty Duran.

While not every community has dedicated medical offices on their campus, making senior care convenient and available is a definite step forward in senior living.

Downsizing Without Compromise

For many seniors, downsizing is the start of a new and exciting era. A move into senior housing does not mean a shortage of living options or a compromise in design. There are floor plans available for any lifestyle – luxurious spaces that inspire tranquility or economical homes that provide a foundation for whatever lifestyle you lead. 

Moving into independent living facilities can transform your idea of what’s possible and give you a new lease on life. Retirement living in a vibrant community like the Westchester neighborhood in Miami, Florida, could entice you toward adventurous, new experiences, bring new energy into your life, and keep you independent for much longer.

Welcome to the New Standard in Senior Living

At The Contemporary, we offer independent living for modern seniors located in the heart of Miami’s Westchester neighborhood. Part residence, part retreat. All you. Opening early 2022.