The Importance of Holistic Wellness in Independent Living

Jan 12, 2022

There’s a shift happening in independent living.

By 2023, an estimated 60% of senior living communities will be based on a wellness lifestyle, according to data from the International Council on Active Aging

This is in contrast to a care-first approach, which has long been the industry standard. More and more, holistic health programs involve varied techniques that consider mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

The key idea is to make choices that support and improve your own well-being. Curious about what that might look like? Keep reading to learn more about how a deeper understanding of holistic health can boost your new year wellness.

What Is Holistic Wellness?

Holistic wellness is an approach to health that focuses on mind, body and spirit. 

In a traditional care plan, your physical health is often the determining factor when progress is assessed. Quality of life is tied to the body, with emotional health taking the backburner. While physical activity can certainly make you happier and healthier, staying active is just one part of the holistic approach.

The truth is that it’s just as critical to focus on your mind and spiritual health.

Wellness Programs at The Contemporary

At The Contemporary, our concierge wellness programs can help you learn and grow. As a cutting-edge independent living community, we offer everything to let “you do you”.

A good holistic approach incorporates all aspects of health. To that end, we champion eight individual dimensions of wellness: environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional/mental.

To help residents set goals, we provide services and amenities like nowhere else. We’re right here to help you achieve your wellness dreams, whatever that might look like to you. On your journey to total wellness, the health benefits of nurturing these areas can’t be overstated. 

You might join an exercise class or one of our walking groups. Or you can explore our fitness and healthy eating programs, where you can learn how to give your body what it needs. Go to a yoga or stretching session with our trainers and limber up. Sign up to volunteer in the local community or teach a student new skills as a mentor.

Feed your spirit with religious services or register for a lifelong learning program, like picking up a new language. To meet your social needs, you can also attend one of our many clubs or group events, such as an exploration of the nearby botanical gardens.

Hit the spa for some “you” time. Stop off at the bistro for a light lunch or enjoy the community’s fine dining. Play cards, dominoes, or end the evening with a game of canasta.

Whichever activities you choose, you can rest easy knowing that your life will unfold in a beautiful, relaxing environment. All your financial considerations are taken care of, yet another balm to your mental and emotional health.

As January gets closer and closer, why not make it your New Year’s resolution to improve your overall health? Get in touch with us to visit our leasing gallery and see how The Contemporary redefines an independent lifestyle.

Welcome to the New Standard in Senior Living

At The Contemporary, we offer independent living for modern seniors located in the heart of Miami’s Westchester neighborhood. Part residence, part retreat. All you. Opening early 2022.