Health Benefits of a Senior Living Community

Sep 30, 2021

How do you want to live as you age? Is living in your own home of utmost importance – or is finding a place where your emotional, mental and physical health is cared for a more pressing matter? Health care professionals understand that aging can be a lonely process, which results in a lower quality of life. However, moving to a senior living community can boost one’s health and reduce the risk of issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart disease and other health problems.

“Seniors who move to a retirement community enjoy a plethora of benefits including free time, physical activities, care services and so much more,” says Patricia Duran, Executive Director of The Contemporary. “There are many great reasons why older adults should consider a senior living community for their benefit and the peace of mind it provides friends and family members.”

How Are Seniors Maintaining Good Health in Retired Life?

1. Excellent dining and nutrition
Eating healthy is essential towards building a high quality of life for seniors. But this can be difficult as we age since getting to the grocery store, meal planning and dealing with activities of daily living can make it hard to focus on nutrition. In a senior living community, residents enjoy restaurant-quality dining with three meals a day and trained staff who are happy and willing to accommodate dietary preferences.

2. Social opportunities
Loneliness is something that affects many older adults. It gets harder to get out and about as we age. But in a senior living community, every day presents social event opportunities and activities. It’s as easy as stepping outside your front door – your new community is filled with other adults in the same stage of life who are ready to build relationships, share conversations and find opportunities to build circles of friendship.

3. Health and wellness opportunities
Senior living communities are designed to help provide an environment that helps older adults age well and remain healthy, no matter how their health needs may change. This includes providing opportunities for enriching all aspects of life, from lifelong learning opportunities to fitness classes to social events and so much more.

4. Availability of healthcare
It’s a probability that as we age, we’ll require more health services. The best senior living communities provide convenient healthcare services so that residents can remain “at home”. Thanks to available services such as skilled nursing, assisted living, rehabilitation services and others, community residents can gracefully age in their most comfortable place.

5. A maintenance-free lifestyle
Are you dealing with home repairs and maintenance? Fuggedaboudit! When you think about it, who wants to deal with things like landscaping, replacing water heaters and real estate taxes? One of the biggest benefits that senior living provides is peace of mind and ease of living. When you move to a senior living community, you never have to think about home maintenance or chores ever again. Everything is managed by the on-site staff. Go ahead and sell your shovel and rake – you’ll never have to worry about yard work ever again.

6. Everything you need to have peace of mind
Retirement should be the time of your life, and if you’re an active and healthy older adult, you want to enjoy this stage of life worry-free. Not only do you get to say goodbye to chores and tasks, but you enjoy a convenient and flexible healthcare options, so you never have to consider moving again.

“Moving to a senior living community like The Contemporary allows you to control your future to the fullest,” says Patricia. “Choosing a community that allows you to shape your retirement in the style you want is the first step towards making this the best possible stage of life. At The Contemporary, we’re here to help you create the lifestyle you want – whether that’s beginning a new chapter, enjoying old favorites or spending time with your loved ones. This is your time to enjoy everything retirement has to offer … and we’re ready to help you do that.”

Welcome to the New Standard in Senior Living

Opening in early 2022, The Contemporary is independent living – at its finest – for modern seniors in the Miami, FL, community. Managed by Charter Senior Living, a national senior living organization known for creating engaging, innovative programs, lifestyles and a culture that enhances the human spirit, The Contemporary is taking senior living to new heights with its exceptional luxury lifestyle, thoughtful design and a groundbreaking partnership with MedSquare® Place, a Class “A” Medical Office Building that contains best-in-class medical care comparable to what can be found at Baptist Hospital.

From the moment you move in, you’ll discover sophisticated amenities, convenient services and an engaging, worry-free lifestyle. You’ll discover countless opportunities to learn, grow – and live well, really well. Our holistic approach incorporates the eight dimensions of wellness: emotional/mental, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual wellness. Whether you are interested in yoga, gardening, mentoring a student, learning a new language, exploring the nearby botanical gardens, or even attending a class, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your interests and passions.

Our thoughtfully designed one- and two-bedroom apartment options reinforce the ambiance of privacy, luxury and tranquility. Spacious bedrooms, designer kitchens, ample storage space, spa-inspired bathrooms and open living spaces combine to create a unique contemporary retreat within the ease of a maintenance-free apartment. And because our apartments meet assisted living standards, at-home supportive services can be safely provided in the comfort of your apartment should they be needed.

Life at The Contemporary is designed to fit your personal style and interests. You choose when to rest and when to play. When, where and what to eat. Most of all, you’ll now have the freedom to focus on the things in life you love – and it’s all included in your monthly rent. Welcome to independent living at its finest. Welcome to The Contemporary.

For more information about life at The Contemporary or to learn more about Club Uno – the proprietary founders club – please contact us at ​305.414.2904.